Everybody loves Disney – but have you ever listened to the international versions of songs?

Even when I was still a teen, back in the 1990s where Youtube was still distant future, I already collected Disney songs. Whenever I visited a country, I made sure to buy a few CDs of my favorite Disney movies that contained songs in the language of the country I visited. I got CDs from France, Italy, Danmark and even Poland. Later on I even ordered some from Japan. But then Youtube came along and things became a lot easier for us collectors of foreign Disney music.

Taiyou no Uta is the story of 19-year-old Kaoru Amane, whose biggest dream is to become a singer. However, fate is standing in her way. Kaoru suffers of a rare illness called XP. Her skin is highly sensitive to sunlight, and even the slightest exposure causes severe burns. As a result, Kaoru lives during the night, where she mostly sits on streetcorners to play the guitar and sing songs.

Tutankhamun - Golden Mask

This exposition was very impressive and it never made me regret the money that I spent on it – despite original concerns about the exposition items being replicas. It was enjoyable and is definitely recommended for people of all ages. Even children will find it entertaining due to the shortness of the introductory movies that aren’t overwhelming, as well as the ability to actually touch the exposition items (which exceptions of course).

COSMOS - Screenshot

COSMOS tackles the very basics of science and cosmology without being simplistic. It doesn’t teach how the world works, and while it does give answers to a few of the common questions that might arise, it teaches something a lot more important: critical thinking!

cc by wikimedia / Leonid Pasternak

Writing… sometimes it’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you are an author, writer or storyteller yourself, you probably know the dilemma that I am talking about. You have your story all set in your mind, and you sit down and write your heart out – but then you come across some writer’s guidelines that tell you, you’re doing it wrong.

Something Real - Dustjacket

Sometimes we make the wrong choice – because those things that we believe we will be able to give up turn out to be actually achievable, and those things which our heart truly beats for.

It cannot be debated, that “Frozen” is one of the biggest Disney hits ever since the company’s golden 90s, where they landed smash hits with “Aladdin”, “The Lion Kind” and “The Little Mermaid”. And, for the first time in forever

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There shouldn’t be any discussion about the fact that the Walt Disney company has the reputation to produce only the highest-quality animation and entertainment programs. And even though in recent years the quality seemed to have declined a bit when

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