WordPress On-Page SEO for Writers – The ABCs

Whenever I browse other writer’s websites or blogs on the internet, I come across some basic errors in marketing that most likely affect those author’s visibility in search engines significantly. It always makes me wonder: have their publishers not shown them how to do it right? Do they not know?

Because I’m tired of explaining the same things over and over again, I decided to just write up a little summary here—which you can also use for any other website/blog by the way, not just author pages.

Jurassic World (2015) – Movie Review

This weekend I finally decided to go watch the movie that has tempted me all summer–or most of it: Jurassic World. I openly admit, I was and still am a huge film of the 1990s movies as well as the two novels by Michael Crichton. Back when the movies first aired, they were groundbreaking. Many film critics argue that Jurassic Park I still has unparalleled special effects–even for today’s standards.

Since childhood days, I’d been a fan of dinosaurs, and the fascination with them persisted even into teen years. The Jurassic Park movies did a wonderful job at staying true to scientific facts (as known back then) while mixing in a science-fiction element of cloning an extinct species.

Michael Crichton’s novels, which I read in 2001 for the first time, were even more a critical analysis of science and the scientific method then they were of dinosaurs. The novels raised questions such as: just because we can clone an extinct species and bring it back to life (assuming that we could), should we do that? What would be the consequences for the human race as a whole?

Review: Walt Disney’s Fairytale Collection Journals

For quite a while, Walt Disney has been promoting products of their Fairytale Collection – a line of exclusive (and expensive) products featuring Disney’s most prominent princesses. The target audience of this collection is clearly adults, as the line features products such as porcelain cups, adult clothing as well as collector’s dolls which exceed the usual budget for a doll for kids by far.

All products look really well designed, and I love the art they’ve created for print. I was hoping they’d bring out an art print collection as well, but so far I haven’t seen anything along those lines. And while I was absolutely not willing to spend 80 euros on a doll, as a writer I couldn’t go past their beautifully designed journals.

Netiquette for Online Content Creators

Let me take a moment today to rant a little bit about a disturbing trend I’ve been noticing among people in online communities lately (writing, blogs, fandoms, etc.) I’ll call it the “Become an involuntary billboard” trend.
Some of you may already know what I’m hinting at here. That’s right, WEBSPAM.
For quite some time now I’ve noticed that some blackhat SEO practices have been adapted by everyday internet users and website owners. Maybe because those practices are what they have come in contact with (because they themselves were victim of those methods, or they’ve seem them used on the web). And for some reason those spammy practices seem to gain a foothold as something that’s acceptable.

A Little Overview of Tools and Grammar for the Writer

Photo: © fotolia / Scisetti Alfio – Writing… it’s one of the cheapest, yet most rewarding activities out there. It thrives from our imagination. Everything is possible.
If you’re a writer like me, you surely have come in contact with other writers. And each of them undoubtedly had his or her own little toolkit. Sometimes those toolkits were quite extensive (and frankly, intimidating). The best authors I’ve met though, among them French bestselling author Marc Levy and English poet John William, told me they use very little. Over the years (and frankly, due to a lack of funds) I’ve adapted to that philosophy. So here’s a little overview of the basic things I need and use for writing. (Along with a little list at the end of what I think one definitely doesn’t need.)

Reading Diary – Fifty Shades of Grey #1

So, I did it. I promised to read Fifty Shades of Grey, and so I am. I like BDSM romances. I read them avidly, and I like to write them even more. Therefore, I was willing to give this book the benefit of the doubt, even though I’ve heard from acquaintances in the BDSM community that it’s horrible and portrays the classic “Don’t”s in a BDSM relationship.

The Sims 3 meets Stargate SG-1 (Teal’c, Daniel Jackson, Jacob Carter and Vala)

When I posted Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill as Sims 3 characters a few weeks back, there was lots of positive feedback, and some of you asked for other characters. So I decided to create some more Stargate characters: Teal’c, Daniel Jackson, Vala MalDoran and Jacob Carter.

You can download all of them, and Sam Carter and Jack O’Neill are available here. Please remember to follow the download instructions, and read the info about the mods you’ll need to keep some of their physical features such as difference in height, etc. (see the end of this post for details).