Nowadays everything is plagiarized, right?

Plagiarism in Fiction Writing by Kimberley Jackson
Today I want to write a post about plagiarism and art theft. Mostly because recently I have become victim of it quite a few times, but also because it’s a topic that not many people seem to have an understanding off.

Many people think that plagiarism only means copying another person’s sentence word by word. But legally it’s also plagiarism to take another person’s idea. Ideas, concepts or structure can also be plagiarized, provided they are an original composition.

FedCon 23 (May 29 – June 01, 2014) – Perspectives of a Stargate Fan

Fedcon 2014 - A Weekend To Remember by Kimberley Jackson
Finally, almost an entire year after the event, I manage to sit down and write about my trip to Dusseldorf in Germany, where FedCon 23 took place from May 29 – June 1, 2014.

Fedcon 23 was my first convention ever. I had always been one of those people who would like to go there, but didn’t really want to spend the huge amount of money for tickets, hotel and airplane. And I was horrified by the masses of people there. Yet, when I learned that all three Stargate SG-1 actors (Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks) would be there, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Adventures of Bri – what a voice!

It’s been a while since I wrote the last blogpost in this category, mainly because I wasn’t as active searching around Youtube anymore. (It takes a lot of time. ;) ) And even though I stzill don’t do that the way I used to, recently I stumbled over an incredible artist. She’s hosting the channel “Adventures of Bri” on which she posts cosplay/singing videos (mostly Walt Disney) as well as Let’s Play videos.

Let’s Play – Tomb Raider 1 (using DosBox, Glidos and Custom Textures)

Kimberley Jackson - Tomb Raider 1 - Let's Play
Are you also a fan of the Tomb Raider franchise and have fond memories of playing the very first games that were published in the 1990s? Or have you always wanted to replay the old games on a modern Windows 7/8/8.1/10 computer?

I decided that this is just what I would start doing. Back in 1996 when the game first came out, I played it together with my sister. We both used the official walkthrough and took turns playing–and I remember it as being one of the hardest and most confusing Tomb Raider games. So I will give it a try and replay it. Let’s see how well I’ll handle it nowadays. :)

Stargate SG-1 – Sam Carter Barbie Doll Redo (Custom Barbie Doll) – UPDATED

Stargate SG-1 - Sam Carter - Barbie Doll Redo by Kimberley Jackson
A few months ago, I asked myself the question why we never got any Stargate SG-1 barbie dolls. I checked out some of Noel Cruz Custom Barbie repaints, and thought: How cool would it be?

After initially discarding the idea, I finally went for it after cleaning out my apartment and finding some old dolls to throw out. I kept one and decided to try giving her the “Stargate SG-1 Sam Carter barbie doll” makeover. Here are the initial results…

WordPress On-Page SEO for Writers – The ABCs

Whenever I browse other writer’s websites or blogs on the internet, I come across some basic errors in marketing that most likely affect those author’s visibility in search engines significantly. It always makes me wonder: have their publishers not shown them how to do it right? Do they not know?

Because I’m tired of explaining the same things over and over again, I decided to just write up a little summary here—which you can also use for any other website/blog by the way, not just author pages.

Jurassic World (2015) – Movie Review

This weekend I finally decided to go watch the movie that has tempted me all summer–or most of it: Jurassic World. I openly admit, I was and still am a huge film of the 1990s movies as well as the two novels by Michael Crichton. Back when the movies first aired, they were groundbreaking. Many film critics argue that Jurassic Park I still has unparalleled special effects–even for today’s standards.

Since childhood days, I’d been a fan of dinosaurs, and the fascination with them persisted even into teen years. The Jurassic Park movies did a wonderful job at staying true to scientific facts (as known back then) while mixing in a science-fiction element of cloning an extinct species.

Michael Crichton’s novels, which I read in 2001 for the first time, were even more a critical analysis of science and the scientific method then they were of dinosaurs. The novels raised questions such as: just because we can clone an extinct species and bring it back to life (assuming that we could), should we do that? What would be the consequences for the human race as a whole?